Rescue Manikins

Find the perfect rescue manikin for your needs. Our selection includes high-quality manikins for rescue, and educational rescue training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Rescue Manikins?
Answer: Remember the ‘good’ old days when training, someone would be nominated to be the casualty? Those days are behind us for a reason! Rescue Manikins let us train in all manner of conditions and scenarios to become better prepared for a genuine emergency – without risking a fellow teammate!

Q: How do I choose the best rescue manikin?
Answer: At Ruth Lee we are dedicated to finding you the perfect training partner! Our Rescue Manikins are tough and each is designed for specific training applications such water rescue or technical rescue. You can speak to a member of our team by calling 01490 413 282 who will be happy to help, or use the Manikin Selector Tool at the top of our page to narrow down your options.

Q: Who uses rescue manikins?
Answer: Rescue manikins offer a safer way to train for many challenging scenarios. Ruth Lee manikins are used by the military, fire service, specialist training organisations, industry experts, the coastguard, and lifeguards alike to improve the quality of their training. They are used all around the world by teams wanting to level up their rescue training.

Q: What size rescue manikins are available?
Answer: We know that your training needs to be reflective of real life. As your casualties aren’t one size or weight, neither are our rescue manikins. With a range from 5kg to 260kg, and many weight variants between, you can find the size and weight that is most appropriate for your training needs.

Find the perfect rescue manikins for your training needs