Mass Casualty Training Manikins

​The perfect manikin for large, multi-agency exercises, where multiple casualties/bodies are required - such as an emergency at an airport, sports stadia or music venue.

A cost effective manikin when large numbers of casualties are required – they are lightweight (approx. 4Kg) and would be perfect for multi-agency agency exercise where a large number of casualties//bodies are required to be seen but not necessarily rescued.

Features & Benefits

  • Constructed in a lightweight water resistant polyester and filled with flame retardant foam pieces – adult sized at 1.8m.
  • Anatomically correct so will accept any old clothing available to increase realism.
  • Strong enough to be buried under concrete or steel lintels with no damage – these manikins are tough!
  • Can withstand being driven over with a 4×4 vehicle and being dropped from a 2nd floor window onto a concrete floor with no damage.
  • Light weight allows them to be handled by any trainees – light enough to be placed in any situations very easily.
  • Light weight allows for easy storage (can be folded or vacuum packed) and transport.

Product Details

Available in one size only 1.8m and approx. 4Kg.

A simple water resistant polyester carcass.

Filled with Flame Retardant foam pieces.

Clothing can be supplied if required

Available Sizes

NameCodeHeight (m)Weight (kg)NATO Stock No

Key Medical Paramaters

Who Uses Them?

  • Widely used in large multi agency training exercises.
  • Fire & Rescue teams throughout the world – regularly exported to 26 countries worldwide.
  • Ambulance and EMS teams.
  • Transport & Utility companies
  • Military
  • Police & Law enforcement agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Aviation sectors
  • Mountain rescue
  • Construction

Available worldwide through a network of Distributors. Find your local stockist using our map, or call 01490 413 282.

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