Trauma Rescue Manikin

A manikin that allows you to train for difficult rescues and extrication, while providing essential first aid for traumatic injuries including heavy bleeding, plus airway management



Often, people need to be rescued because they have suffered a traumatic injury in the first place and are unable to self-rescue, therefore teams are under increasing pressure to make sure that they have the skills to provide effective emergency first aid at the scene.

Let us introduce you to the Trauma Rescue Manikin, designed to allow you to train for difficult rescues and extrication, while providing essential first aid for traumatic injuries including heavy bleeding. This manikin has several options, depending on your requirements. All models include an airway management torso and a traumatic open wound on the thigh, and if you purchase the 30kg model, you can also upgrade to include IV and IO capabilities depending on your team’s training requirements.

The traumatic open wound can help you to train the correct application of a tourniquet or wound packing. The trainer controls the amount of blood pumping through the wound and can stop the blood when they feel the trainee has treated the patient correctly.

Features & Benefits

  • Rescue and traumatic injury skills training using just one manikin, on location and during extrication.
  • Features an airway management torso – often a traumatic injury results in respiratory distress and now you can train for airway skills and traumatic first aid using one training tool.
  • The integrated Thigh Wound Packing module is robust, washable and reusable. It features a large traumatic wound with bleeding tubes that enable the trainer to simulate a major haemorrhage.
  • Based on a Full Body Airway Management manikin, the Trauma Rescue model is tough and robust, perfect for rescue training.
  • Two further options are available, featuring IV or IO and IV for the 30kg version including:
    • The optional IV Practise Arm has an intramuscular injection site at the top of the arm and allows for venipuncture to the arm and hand.
    • The intraosseous Tibia Task Trainer is designed to simulate intraosseous (IO) needle placement, which includes palpable landmarks at the proximal tibia, allowing trainees to facilitate accurate site location.

Product Details

The manikin body is constructed from tough flame-retardant polyester, with high-density polypropylene webbing reinforcements to stress points.

The Torso is supplied by Simulaids and does contain latex.

The integrated wound-packing task trainer on the thigh is constructed from silicone to give it a realistic texture and appearance.

Latex may also be present in the internal tubing which feeds blood to the open wound cavity.

The optional intraosseous (IO) Tibia Task Trainer is manufactured from silicone with an internal 3D-printed bone to provide realistic resistance as the needle first enters the bone marrow cavity. It is encased in polyester material and attached to the manikin using velcro straps.



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Available Sizes


Key Medical Paramaters

Base model includes

  • Full airway management torso. The torso can be used to perform CPR and features anatomical landmarks including the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. The torso also contains teeth, uvula, vocal cords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, trachea, oesophagus, and inflatable lungs and stomach whilst allowing nasogastric tube placement and accepts Combitube®, E.O.A., E.G.T.A., P.T.L. and i-gel airways
  • Thigh wound packing/tourniquet trainer with blood pump

Upgrade modules for the 30kg model include the above, plus

  • The Intraosseous Tibia Task Trainer (Simbodies) is designed to simulate intraosseous (IO) needle placement, and features palpable landmarks at the proximal tibia, allowing the instruction of accurate site location. The internal 3D-printed bone provides realistic resistance as the needle enters the bone marrow cavity. It is produced from Skin Safe Prosthetic Grade Platinum Silicone, has a flexible, skin-like appearance, and is robust and reusable between 80-100 times. It is attached to the leg of the manikin using velcro and is a replaceable part.
  • The IV practice arm includes an intramuscular injection site and venipuncture capabilities in the arm and hand. Features include lifelike vein roll-over, durability for repeated use, and palpation of the vein for location

Who Uses Them?

This manikin is aimed at teams involved in the rescue and initial emergency first aid of a casualty; including Ambulance/paramedic teams, Fire Departments, Police, Military, general SAR and specialist rescue teams.

Available worldwide through a network of Distributors. Find your local stockist using our map, or call 01490 413 282.

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