Confined Space Manikin

​The perfect training partner for confined space training, or any other difficult access location as this manikin splits into several sections making it easier to transport and construct once in position.

Training in confined spaces come with its own challenges – if you need to place a manikin within a training scenario, this manikin is the ideal choice and it is suitable for all confined space, urban search & rescue (USAR), road traffic collision (RTC), mountain or cave rescue scenarios. It splits into several parts which are easily transported into those difficult access locations and then assembled in place.

Features & Benefits

  • Manikin splits into smaller parts with no individual component weighing more than 25kg.
  • Due to its detachable limbs, it is easier to position in your rescue scenario, especially for training such as confined space.
  • Anatomically correct weight distribution to give the ‘feel’ of an unconscious casualty.
  • A strong webbing loop at the back allows easy handling, hauling aloft, storage and suspension for drying.
  • Tough enough to withstand being buried under concrete or steel lintels, driven over by a 4×4 vehicle, or dropped from a 2nd floor window without damage (approx 4 meters).
  • Water repellent material, making it suitable for wet or foul scenarios such as HAZMAT/CBRN.
  • Soft body joints to eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising; common injuries when using plastic bodied manikins.
  • Comes complete with boots, which are easily replaced if damaged.

Product Details

  • Fire & Rescue teams.
  • Technical Rescue training providers.
  • Police, Ambulance/EMS/HART teams.
  • Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue Teams.

Available Sizes

NameCodeHeight (m)Weight (kg)NATO Stock No
Confined Space ManikinRLNCS501.850

Key Medical Paramaters

Who Uses Them?

Available worldwide through a network of Distributors. Find your local stockist using our map, or call 01490 413 282.

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