Flying high – Manikins Praised by Scotland’s Largest Airport

In aviation emergency response, effective training is key to preparedness. For decades, Edinburgh Airport Fire and Rescue Service has been at the forefront of ensuring the safety and security of travellers and staff. Central to their training programs are Ruth Lee training manikins, which have played a pivotal role in simulating realistic rescue scenarios and honing the skills of their team members.

Mark Conlon, Watch Manager at Edinburgh Airport Fire and Rescue Service, confirms that manikins play an indispensable role in their training exercises. Reflecting on their long-standing partnership, Mark emphasises the durability and realism of the manikins. “We have been using Ruth Lee training manikins at Edinburgh Airport since I joined in the 1990s,” Mark states. “As they have been designed to replicate the anatomical features of a real casualty, we are able to simulate much more realistic training scenarios.”

ruth lee2

The versatility of our manikins is highlighted by the variety of models used by the Fire and Rescue service at Scotland’s largest airport. From the Duty manikin to the Duty Plus and Multi Trauma manikin, each model caters to specific training needs, ensuring that responders are well-equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations. Mark underscores the importance of authenticity in their training, noting that the features and build quality of Ruth Lee manikins are “first class,” providing a realistic simulation that enhances the effectiveness of their exercises.

Looking ahead, Edinburgh Airport Fire and Rescue Service remains committed to using our manikins to support their training. Mark expresses confidence in the durability and reliability of the manikins, affirming their intention to continue using and replacing them with the latest models as needed. As they strive to maintain the highest standards of emergency preparedness, Edinburgh Airport Fire and Rescue Service recognises the invaluable role Ruth Lee manikins play in shaping their team into skilled and proficient responders.

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