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Unveiling FReD: Answering the Top 3 Questions About Our Revolutionary Water Rescue Device

In the world of water rescue, every second counts. That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer a pioneering piece of lifesaving equipment to the UK water rescue community in the Fast Rescue Device, or FReD for short. This ingenious invention is poised to transform the way we approach water-based emergencies, offering a swift, reliable, and intuitive solution for both rescuers and victims alike.

In this blog post, we will aim to answer the top 3 questions most frequently asked about FReD and share more about the capabilities of this ground-breaking device…


1. Is FReD still effective in rough/fast-flowing water?

Answer: Yes! FReD is engineered to operate seamlessly in swift water, fast-moving currents, and even waves up to 3 meters high. Operating at an impressive 7 knots when unloaded and 3 knots when loaded, it can navigate swiftly through rough and fast-flowing water with ease. Even if FReD encounters an unexpected flip when unloaded, its self-righting function ensures it promptly regains its proper orientation. This feature further solidifies FReD’s reliability in challenging conditions, making it a vital tool for water rescues. It’s the assurance you need when every second counts.

Watch this short clip of FReD cutting through waves:



2. Can FReD tow the victim to safety once it reaches them?

Answer: Absolutely! FReD boasts an impressive towing capacity of up to 250kg, enabling it to safely bring the casualty back to the shore or rescue boat. In fact, it can even tow both a rescue swimmer and casualty if necessary.

FReD’s capabilities extend beyond swift water rescue, too. With the 250kg towing capacity, it not only ensures the safe retrieval of a casualty but also opens up a world of possibilities. The customised platform allows for the transportation of goods, integrated lighting for visibility, additional warning lights for enhanced safety, a powerful loudspeaker for clear communication, and even the option to mount a GoPro for capturing critical moments. This means FReD can handle a wide array of tasks, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in dynamic rescue scenarios. Whether it’s towing a rescue swimmer alongside the casualty or efficiently moving essential equipment, FReD’s capacity is a game-changer in water rescue technology.

Here’s a short clip of FReD towing two people – the casualty and the rescuer – back to shore:


3. How far can FReD go from its operator?

Answer: FReD offers an unrivalled range of approximately 1000 meters. This means it can be deployed from the shore and reach individuals in distress much faster than a swimmer could ever manage. In fact, FReD allows a rescue to take place without risking or putting another person in the water. With FReD, there’s no need for a rescue swimmer to brave dangerous conditions, providing an extra layer of safety for all parties involved.

Additionally, FReD is equipped with an automatic return function that leverages GPS positioning technology. This means that once its mission is complete, FReD can autonomously navigate back to its operator without the need for manual driving. This feature ensures a seamless and efficient operation, enabling rescuers to focus on critical tasks while FReD takes care of the logistics. It’s a level of precision and reliability that sets a new standard in water rescue technology.

This video demonstrates FReD being operated at a distance:



FReD represents a significant leap forward in water rescue technology, ensuring swift deployment and even swifter reach to the casualty, all while eliminating the risk to a rescue swimmer.

We understand that seeing FReD in action is the most convincing way to appreciate its capabilities. That’s why we would be delighted to offer you a free demonstration of FReD.

If you’re interested in experiencing this ground-breaking device first-hand please register by filling in the form on this page.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the future of water rescue technology. Join us in embracing FReD and taking a giant leap forward in saving lives on the water.

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