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Unlocking Excellence in Training: Why Choose Ruth Lee Manikins?

Why Should I Choose Ruth Lee Manikins for Effective Training and Safety?

This is not just a valid question; it’s one we can answer with confidence! With over a quarter-century of collaborations with numerous health, safety, and rescue professionals, we proudly present a comprehensive range of manikins that stand as the pinnacle in the industry. Expertly designed to cater to the specific demands of your unique training applications, our manikins are not only tough but undeniably the most durable in the world.

If you want to learn more about why Ruth Lee Manikins are the best choice for your training, you’re in the right place! In this article we’ll reveal why our manikins are making waves in the training world, uncovering the reasons they outperform live volunteers, plastic-bodied dummies, and those self-fill options you might be contemplating…

Why Use Ruth Lee Manikins Instead of Live Volunteers?

Manikins are often MORE realistic

On the surface, opting to use individuals in your training may seem logical. But is this truly the most realistic approach? Not necessarily!

The truth is, relying on live volunteers introduces a layer of unpredictability. Instinctively, your ‘casualty’ may inadvertently make adjustments to avoid discomfort or injury — perhaps flexing a muscle or instinctively moving their head to prevent a bump meaning your trainee does not get the experience of moving a truly passive/unresponsive casualty.

Reduced risk of injury

Using live volunteers as casualties in training poses a clear danger, primarily due to the heightened risk of injuries occurring.

When learning new skills, mistakes are almost inevitable, and those mistakes could be costly if a real person is used. Believe it or not, many severe injuries, and even deaths, have been recorded in training sessions in many different sectors. Any accident could have severe repercussions for both the individual involved and the organisation that planned the training.

Training in inherently riskier scenarios, like swift water rescue or working at height, naturally highlights the need for training manikins to be used instead of live volunteers. However, sad stories have surfaced where individuals suffered injuries or, tragically, lost their lives in seemingly ‘safer’ sessions, such as patient handling. The gravity of one mistake becomes starkly apparent when it has the potential to cost a life.

Set up scenarios ahead of time

Another compelling advantage of using manikins in training is that you can set up scenarios in advance, keeping the rest of your team ‘in the dark’, heightening the element of surprise and mirroring the unpredictable nature of real-life situations. This strategic approach not only enhances the authenticity of the training session but also fosters a more dynamic and responsive learning environment.

Additionally, it means that someone doesn’t have to wait on a cold, dark, wet mountainside or spend hours floating around in a body of water awaiting rescue. By employing manikins, you eliminate the need for real individuals to endure such discomfort, ensuring that your training sessions are not only effective but also compassionate towards the well-being of your team members.

Safer, more effective learning

Often, the essence of successful and memorable learning often lies in making mistakes. Our manikins provide an unrivalled platform for repetitive practice, allowing professionals to refine their skills through a multitude of scenarios. The beauty lies in the freedom to make as many mistakes as needed, fostering a dynamic learning process that leaves no room for compromise.

Also, unlike live volunteers, our manikins never succumb to fatigue or the need for breaks – they won’t complain no matter how long you make them work! This means you have the liberty to carry out training exercises as often as desired, ensuring a continuous and comprehensive honing of skills.

duty firefighters smoke ai

Firefighters extricating a Ruth Lee Duty Manikin from a live smoke-filled scenario. Manikins provide a safer approach to firefighter training.

Why Use Ruth Lee Manikins Instead of Plastic Bodied Manikins

If you’re currently using plastic-bodied manikins in your training, you might be wondering “Yes, but why should I make the switch to Ruth Lee Manikins? What’s in it for me and my team?

Well, allow us to highlight several key benefits that promise to redefine your training experience…

No more uncomfortable pinch welts or trapped fingers during training

Our manikins are crafted with soft, pliable joints, ensuring a training environment that prioritises comfort and safety. The soft joints used in our manikins eliminate the discomforts and injuries that can occur when training with rigid-jointed plastic manikins.

Redefined realism prepares you for the real world 

While plastic-bodied manikins may mimic human likeness in appearance, Ruth Lee manikins redefine realism in handling. Rigid, plastic manikins can inadvertently act as lever points during activities such as firefighter drag tests. This can compromise the authenticity of the activity, and sometimes make it easier for trainees – meaning you may not be fully prepared for the realities of rescuing a true unresponsive casualty.

In contrast, our manikins are meticulously designed to emulate unconscious or passive casualties, providing a training experience that mirrors the challenges of moving an unresponsive person

rlnce casualty evacuation firefighter fitness manikin

Ruth Lee Casualty Evacuation Manikins are used by 100% of British Fire Services, and many other fire services worldwide to simulate unconscious casualties for fitness and rescue more realistically than plastic-bodied manikins.

Your training budget will thank us

While plastic-bodied manikins often come with a hefty price tag, Ruth Lee manikins offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising quality and effectiveness. Our commitment to durability and realism ensures a lasting investment, saving on long-term costs associated with frequent replacements.

You’ll have a durable training partner in it for the long haul

In addition to being more budget-friendly, Ruth Lee manikins boast unparalleled durability compared to their plastic-bodied counterparts. A testament to this durability comes from a partner who visited a training center and shared a photo capturing what he described as a ‘manikin graveyard’—a pile of broken plastic manikins, their limbs missing and bodies cracked.

Ruth Lee manikins are constructed to last. Our base model has undergone rigorous testing, enduring being driven over by a 4×4 and dropped from a second-story window, emerging unscathed with no visible damage.

The secret lies in our military-grade construction. We utilise the same high-specification materials found in police ballistic/stab vests, reinforced with high-tenacity webbing used in seat belts, and ensure all stress points are triple-stitched. This meticulous crafting ensures that Ruth Lee manikins are not just durable; they’re built to withstand the harshest training conditions.

While we always emphasise treating manikins like real individuals for enhanced realism in training, we are confident that you won’t find a more robust and enduring manikin on the market.

img 1188

Ruth Lee Manikins are built to withstand whatever training you throw them into – even grimy Confined Space training!

Why Use Ruth Lee Manikins Instead of Cheap, Self-Fill Alternatives?

Do you really need us to spell it out? 😊 When it comes to training, Ruth Lee manikins outshine self-filled alternatives in every aspect— they are not only more durable, realistic, and longer-lasting but also remarkably adaptable.

The limitations of self-fill alternatives become apparent in their inability to be filled effectively with evenly distributed weight, thereby failing to provide the authentic and realistic training experience that Ruth Lee manikins effortlessly deliver.

Ready to Transform Your Training?

Discover the unparalleled benefits of Ruth Lee Manikins. Whether you’re looking for realism, durability, or adaptability, our manikins redefine the training experience. Take the next step toward excellence — get in touch with us to find out more or explore our full range of manikins here on our website.

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